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Handmade Typography

Handmade Type from Tien-Min Liao on Vimeo.

Super sweet -&- slightly larger transformation illustrations here.

Instantly gratified.

SO I finally got an Iphone...truth be told, I mostly wanted one so I could see cute pictures of my friend's baby Celmentine in Seattle...so I could have an instagram account. So far, I'm exceptionally psyched with my new phone and feel like a grown-up for owning one. If you'd like to see more pictures from my instagram (if you do not have an Iphone, that is) I have set up an account with instagrid: http://instagrid.me/megatallic/

P.S today was lovely! We cleaned the house, talked to pops on the phone (Jonee's Dad) and ate delicious Mexican brunch at Cocina Poblana, then enjoyed some wine on a blanket in the grass next to Lake Merrit with a good friend. Yay life!


So good.

I really really really like Sharon Van Etten.

Design by committee?

I just can't let this go.

You've seen the movie Drive right? Well you should, dummy.
Besides the phenomenal soundtrack, stellar acting, finely-honed cinematography...
the graphic design by Megan Greydanus is fantastic. 80s throwback script in hot pink.
How anti-tough guy...how anti-Hollywood car-chase...how simply HOT.
I was in love at first type.

Exhibit A– credits depicting pink type & nightcall by kavinsky

I first spotted this awesomeness on the wheat-pasted movie posters around town.

Exhibit B– Movie poster with pink type treatment

Handsomely pink, right? Confident & challenging...and in my opinion, conceptually sound.
(Jonee says it's subversively sexy....hell yes.) Okay...so after years in corporate and less-corporate design...
my only rationalization of the DVD art is that a bunch of non-designers, money-hungry execs decided this
pink "sassy" type treatment would not appeal to men who enjoy films like The Fast & the Furious. 

(Also please note the improperly placed scorpion on the chest of the jacket. With minimal costume
changes, this is an additional thoughtless adjustment to a carefully considered element.)

In closing...frak. I just miss the pink type.

Exhibit C– dvd cover...sans pink type

In the kitchen.

We decided to move our dining table into the living room to create a faux dining room. In it's place, I wanted a small table and two chairs for quick breakfasts and such...not wanting to drop a ton of dough, I found the table at the Crate&Barrel Outlet in Berkeley and the chairs from Ikea in E-ville.  Jonee says it looks rather "swedish cafeteria" but I think it will look super nice with some fun curtains.

Chain me to your side.

My husband got me a sweet little ring for xmas, but it was too large for the pinky I wanted it on...
so we went to a cute shop on Piedmont Ave called Nathan&Co and found this fun necklace!
Yay Christmas! Yay Local! Yay husband!

Christmastime is here.

It's hard to find a super decorated street these days...but last night I chanced upon 4th street in Berkeley. Though a bit more modern, and a lot less detailed than the photo above...it still spanned the roadway and made it feel like days of yore.  I'm about to dive into present wrapping...wish you the best!

Weekend ritual.


This lovely video reminds me of my husband. When we aren't running around on the weekend,
I like to cook him breakfast, he handles the french press, and the kitties are usually sunning themselves
or busy trying to steal some bacon. I love hearing about lazy morning routines, especially Jill and Tommy's.
Now I'm extra looking forward to Sunday morning with Jonee!

Happy weekend to you~

Time mapping.

An animated map for public transportation in the Netherlands.
Maps time instead of distance, introducing a whole new way of thinking.
(Shown to me by my coworker, Eliza)

The Animal Print Shop.

Just did some Christmas shopping at The Animal Printshop. What lovely photos, and a crazy adorable book! 
I only wish that the 2nd tier large format prints didn't have such a huge price jump.
Do check out the shop.


Because it's been a while....via my husband's Instagram.

Wooly, wooly.

I'm really craving more indoor greenery... but with pesky kittums, it's incredibly limiting. Coupled with the need for light-weight wall decor, I am considering a couple rows of these good old wooly pockets for my living room -OR- the big ole empty wall space in our bedroom -OR- my blank walls at the office.....have you ever created a living wall, or an indoor garden? 

His & Hers.

Our Halloween costumes this year {via}

In the bathroom.

I love these bathroom walls....our tile is carnation pink, so I'm opting to go with a stark black and white motif for the art and borders of things (ie. mirror and frames.) 

Do you have a designed bathroom? Or is it the last in line in your home?


A lovely year-long photo project.  {via}

Long Boarding Ladies Club.

Having only ever rolled around on regular skateboards I always thought longboarding was goofy{get it? haha} but this
crew of gals makes me wish I was 17 again and had a bunch of friends to surf the turf with.Frickin a, maybe I'll just get
one anyway and scoot around Oakland solo mio...somehow the idea of buying a longboard gives me that weird feeling of imagining myself purchasing roller-blades though.

Maybe some big wheels on a normal sized board?
Shoot, but then I won't be able to choregraph some sweet boardwalking moves.

What's an 33 year old girl to do?

Gentlemen to bed!


Meet our new bed frame! Man, it was a total female-dog putting this puppy together.
Hoping ours will look as cute as the one above...found this little gem on Ikeaspotting.

Around the world in one minute.

If this doesn't make you want to travel...I don't know what will!

Leaping Lupin!

I have been selected for early entry into Pottermore!

The Trifecta

Now that Jonee has an iphone, I get all sorts of awesome photographs of beings I love.


Pickle + whiskey = YUMMY.
Looks like my favorite pickle-makers are bottling their brine specifically for making picklebacks!
Dreams really do come true!