for dani

since cookie magazine is now determined lame outside and in (because more than any woman on earth do i trust dani kando kaiser's taste on anything....)
it's my pleasure to share avec tous les vous this fantastic magazine from france called 'Milk' it's beautiful, artful, chalk full of richly modern photos and products, etc. only catch is that it's not in english...but if i remember correctly dani knows some french so this could work....

here are some cover examples:

larger detail:

an example of an interior ad:

image of content:

milk's raison d'etre (mais en anglais!)
MilK, because we all feel something in common:
nostalgic for our childhood. And here we are, new parents with a mission: to pass on a genuine education that also helps children to develop a taste for beautiful things. This transient moment, we want to live it together, like a hedonistic transition where each moment is an occasion to be an aesthete. Milk takes us on a modern journey through the world of childhood. Both the photographs and illustrations reveal our desire to discover together the still unexplored world of children’s fashion. From family way of life to the latest children leisure activities, all the new spheres will be explored.“Kidding” is born…surfing on today’s wave…and it’s Milk’s raison d’ĂȘtre.

c'est charmante, non?


gutsforgarters said...

ooh i forgot about milk! and yes on cookie, i thought they maybe just wrote the word and then put a fatty stroke on it. have you seen the new pretty called like amelia's magazine or abigail or something? also i added you on my blog but i think only leslie and my bff know about it. when you blog smart all the time (prcouture) it is nice to have a sneaky place. - crosby

Dani said...

Ahhhhhhh! My eyes are popping out of my head! That looks like such a fantastic magazine. I'm gonna search for it and see if I can get them to send it to me for a reasonable number of Euros.

kevin said...

I noticed you noticed the Milibe Ad in Milk;) We made the ad, and the clothing brand's site - take a look! It's pretty sweet too, and if you like kids' clothing, it'll knock you over. - Luke (from UOVO)