i think im going to escape my desk and try to by this right now. it's exciting getting a new home-ish situation. i want to subscribe to the best magazines and expand my book collection to fit an entire chocolatey wood billy bookcase.

we need: couch + coffee table + bigger bed + dressers for all 3 of us + backyard furniture + grill + fire pit = holla please if you have any of these

ps. that's gavin from bush's illegitimate daughter up there. he's mean to her apparently, and inside there are photos of that fella she's snogging sucking her boob. pretty amazing + interesting commentary. looks like terry richardson or tellery.


Jill said...

I've got some goods for ya, but you gotta come up and get um! I'm so excited to see your new house!!! End of august, i'll by my ticket soon!!
fire pit is a must.

Dani said...

We have a tall blonde wood dresser, four drawers. We also have a low, round table with one small drawer. It looks good in a corner with a lamp on it. We're around this weekend, so lemme know if you want me to bring 'em by.