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so now im all housey and learning how to garden
i love them coleus plants like no other!!!!
the front yard is almost nailed save for some tree removal and i wish for a paint job...i have a bunch of these and some purpley grass and some other fancy named things too

I am also into re-appropriating.
I took a trundle bed (which was graciously donated to us by Nathaniel's mom Heather)and I painted it banner red....since i don't have a camera, looks a little like this, but less rectilinear...and day bed orientation

living room is on hiatus until seany's furniture babysitting.
i might tackle our bedroom if I have enough funds this weekend!!

remember that yellow room from Jill?? just need a few poster frames, bed stuff, rug, lampshades, paint for this

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Jill said...

That red bed is the most fantastic thing ever! Where do I order it? Oh man, I grew some coleus from seed and they look so dang good, all crazy colors. Decorating is fun, someday we'll be neighbors and envy each others decor. Have you seen photos of Betsy Johnsons house? Fucking awsome.