on photography

lately, I've been thinking about photography.
Im not a photographer, but I definitely have an opinion...
(according to judd I share too frequently)
Im not shy about negative commentary, probably to a fault.
None the less I do have a preference and it's mine to have.

On that note, meet Christian Sorensen Hansen....

I met him a year ago at Chad + Renny's wedding in Bellingham.
Trust you me, for this kid is amazing.
He made the most beautiful little film (...super 8?) of the wedding...
and he posts a lot of his work on his M Y S P A C E blog.

I love the tonal quality of his work......he uses photoshop, but in such a way that absolutely benefits the photo rather than adobe-phizes it.


ALSO....his fashion stuff is far superior to the uber played out diy fashion shoots that are so plentiful these days.


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