so i've been toiling over halloween costuming for this year....i'm a huge fan of duo costumes or team costumes....plus judd isn't into this at all so if i don't incorporate him into mine then it's all cattywompus.....anyway, i cut my bangs this weekend on a whim, took one look at the results and first thing came to mind: cleopatra. barf. as much as i love the romans et al..... i just can't actually dress up like that. same goes for harry potter. next thing that came to mind....mia fuckin wallace!!!!!! plus judd as j.travolta equals one wig as he has the set up from sean's wedding already....extra points: i get to be a bit bloody and fucked up too (post overdose mia absolutely.) i still might make some sort of gashed up mess of myself at somepoint, but for the real deal it's this:

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