oh ana

This entry is for the poor soul who felt it necessary to make the most pathetic, warped, vapid attempt to make me feel bad about NOT being anorexic.... can’t believe I actually have to type that sentence, but honestly, to not address stupidity, to avoid willful ignorance, and to not confront utter malevolence in the day to day, is in my opinion, straight cowardice.(much like the cowardly act of anonymous commenting)

SO here it is:

I do not typically use this blog as a means to express my personal beliefs, emotions, etc....it's usually a nice little way for me to share interesting visual aesthetics I find, positive or unusual things that people I care about might find interesting. (I absolutely forget that there are individuals who might read this, who are not friends, who are not here to enjoy, who are purely lurking for sad reasons, etc.) SO, on the off occasion wherein I choose to mind-puke an epiphany or blast out my typically strong opinions.... I’m never prepared for comments that basically are placed to make me feel bad about myself. I simply do not operate in that way! I consider myself to be good-natured, opinionated as all get out, but with the best intention at heart. I do my best to do what is right by myself, by my family, by my community AND most specifically by women in general.

I cannot express in words how fed up I feel with women who are incapable of seeing how detrimental it is to subscribe to the current physical ideals beset upon us right now, and are so mind-fucked enough to spread their diseased thinking into my world, and into the world of other amazing women in my life. I am appalled at the level of stress that so many women deal with because they are made to feel physically inadequate. I am saddened by girls who only feel beauty through starvation, who take for granted their sacred rights to health and happiness for the shallow realm of physical nothingness. What strong woman can be formed from brittle bones and diet coke? What better way for this patriarchal society to get an even larger leg up on us gals!! Women need no more help in the denigration of our role in modern society. And I fucking sincerely shame you for attempting to ruin a strong woman’s belief in her self. I can only deduce that clear thinking was certainly a victim to malnutrition, and can only assume that the ignorant waste of human space who took the time to brand my newfound confidence in my body image as words “spoken by a true fat girl” must be sitting on a treadmill somewhere dreaming of Kate Moss’s clavicle.

Get some help, read a book, have an orgasm, do what ever it takes to feel better about your body. Please know that it feels fucking fantastic to be me and you couldn’t pay me a gazillion dollars to feel a lick of shame for my boobs, my hips, my legs, my belly, my everything. You did nothing but allow me the oppotunity to fully express myself, and my self worth! I proudly rock what my mama gave me, I am loved more than your black little aspartame heart will ever know, and I hope and pray that I never have a friend who would dare take that away from me or any other woman for that matter.

So, my poor, and probably little, anonymous lurker,
Here’s a link where you can get some help….you really need it.



MAN OH MAN said...

dang, what gives dude? some girl made a nasty comment. post a link to their myspace please. just curious. missing you, adam c.

megan elizabeth said...

some anonymous fuckwit relegated an entire blog entry I wrote about how psyched I am/how proud I am for not being anorexic to words spoken by a "true fat girl"

so, no way to point fingers, my friend, they were too chicken to own their words.

i miss you tons adam!!!!!

Dani said...

Ahhhhh! The interweb is such a double-edged sword sometimes. I love you, I love your blog, I love your smile, I LOVE your laugh, I love your ass, I love your boobs... you name it, you're the tops!

It's really sad that this self-hating woman wasted her time like that. I hope she realizes that leaving anonymous, icky comments like that only means one thing: she's so afraid to confront her own pain and issues, that she feels it's necessary to anonymously insult people.

megan elizabeth said...

dani my boobs love you too!