baby alpaca and puppy dream

Im just going to roll with this dream thing. I've never kept track before. Sorry if this is boring.

At an art opening with my Pictures to Politics class. It's at Neiman Marcus {never been in there in real life}The only trouble is, in order to attend you have to be wearing Anne Klein. So we end up at this other exhibit. It's a dark room made to look like a pirate's torture chamber, paper mache like, with projections of action/scenes all over the walls {like a haunted house Judd and Nathan and I went to in Sacramento} while Im looking around, a guy in a wheelchair dressed up as a torture victim/zombie bumps into my leg. Next thing I know Im running along the edge of a park with the class mates. A gaggle of frightened deer are running past us, wide eyed and super freaked. We get to an intersection and next to this concrete piling I see a baby alpaca and a brown furry puppy laying next to eachother on some grass. They're both bleeding and their tummies are ripped open, but they're still alive. I pull out a couple empty soccer bottles {those bulky ones for soccer practice with the huge straws}and I call 911 because they look to be victims of drug mueling. The operator is a dick and I tell him I don't live in Sacramento and don't know any vet's numbers. I got so mad, and frustrated. I couldn't dial and my fingers were useless, over and over. {I think I got so pissed that I woke up.}

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