last night i dreamt about going on a snowboard trip with my sister, but she pulled off the road and we got out and walked onto some weird highway/walkway with a small stream in the middle of it. Salmon were swimming up it and floating downwards against the incline. On our way up we passed a big steel tub with a gigantic woman (?) being bathed by her family. I then remembered that our gear was in the car and I had to convince Court that it'd be impossible to walk to the mountains. Also I knew that Jill was following us up and I was concerned because I thought we lost her. Next thing I know, I'm on my board taking huge table tops and doing tricks on everything. But I look down and Im wearing skis.


N A M E S A K E said...

i'm so glad dracula has not tapped on your window in giant bat formation. he could have totally ruined that whole situation. i'm really afraid of that man. be safe, adam c.

Jill said...

I appreciate your concern. And I hope to see you in the mountains. L, j