J I L L dream # 2

okay Jill keeps popping up in my dreams...again, Im walking on a path. It's like a trail along the edge of the water of the pacific ocean, up on a hill...like the trail to bass lake (isnpired by jill's recent photos? ) maybe so... I walked up the path in company, but cannot say/remember whom. The weird part: in the middle of the path, the dirt dips into a square ditch with water in the middle. Man made, but attempting to fit into the nature (placed rocks, moss, branches, etc.) so it's easy to scale around it and continue on. I went somewhere and a whole story happens. Maybe something to do with a stadium or football field. But I can't remember. The next thing I do remember: back on the path. Jill is with me we look to scale the ditch/water hole....I go to the right and climb along the rocks. There are some animals now in the ditch some beaver(things) and some others. As I go to the right and am on all fours on the rocks, I notice Jill goes through the middle. Swims the two breast strokes to get to the other side. (it's not wide) But I also see a medium sized gator slip into the water and crawl up to the rocks where she is supposed to exit. He looked posed to pounce, she froze, the next thing I know (and before I could say anything) it lurches at her and locks onto her right upper arm. She's totally stunned and yelling to get it off her. So I jump over and yank her out and it's still biting her, and blood is starting to get everywhere. I start saying I don't know what to do as I hit the gators nose (thinking shit Jill you'd know what to do) it finally releases her. The cuts are super minor, like blood droplets you could wipe away. I remember it being foggy and grassy. The surroundling land was pretty flat (despite being on a hill) So the ditch was like a test, we chose. We didn't have to go through it.

I have no idea.


Jill said...

I really enjoy our adventures together, if only they were real (minus the alligator incident). xo j

N A M E S A K E said...

have you ever seen a beaver hut? they are pretty crazy. i'm glad everyone is okay. i can't ever remember my dreams. i hope they don't involve blood though. gnarly.