s l e e p

The other night, I "woke up" but could not move, or open my eyes, or breathe. I kept trying to get Judd's attention but I could barely whisper. I mean like nothing, and he didn't move. I really couldn't breathe at all and felt like I was dying. Right when I was really starting to panic. I opened my eyes and gasped for breath, and Judd was definitely fast asleep. I was awake the whole time but it felt like a dream....and since he didn't react, I thought it was a dream and fell back to Sleep.
This also happened to me when I was on a trip to San Diego with my mom, same deal, but I don't remember not breathing, only not able to speak/move/open eyes....same thing, woke up, no response by my mom. Relegated the experience to dreaming. Actually Ive had these things for ages.I had night-terrors as a kid too.(when you're up and moving with open eyes but still in a dream...or nightmare usually)

Turns out the thing the other night is called Sleep Paralysis, and has been happening to people for thousands of years!!!!!! Heather told me that people call this a "sitting ghost" and in many cultures it's believed to be variations of demons or ghosts sitting on your chest. Science says otherwise, but it's nice to know it's not just a fucked up nightmare, or maybe it is?

Wiki entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleep_paralysis


Jill said...

creepy! at least next time it happens you can be like cool, i'm having a bout of sleep paralysis. or something like that. love ya!

ice cream barrels said...

I've always been fascinated about the "sleep realm" of life...care to share some other crazy sleep stories from your night terror days? Because I seldom remember my dreams, I am often jealous of dreamers...although once when i was a kid 10 or 11, i apperently peed in the kitchen pantry while sleep walking....what???

Lori Huneke said...

oh god. so scary. this has actually happend to me a few times too..or was i dreaming? no idea. gives me a small panick attack just thinking about it happening again though.