Im going here tonight with my dad and sister!
{Who, by the way, won tickets for this lovely event at a 49ers game thing at a Hooters in pleasanton at 10 in the morning. MY SISTER, not my dad.}

this is sort of nice..

but Im sure the place will be littered with old dude DUDES and car babes with classy tanorxical skin.

Which for some reason is awkward to see with my dad. Kind of like sitting next to him during the WALK HARD weiner scene.

What can I say, we were not a 'naked family'

Did I mention that this thing is at the COW PALACE!!!!!!!!!!
court and I agree that the last time we were there was for the ice capades.

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Jill said...

I went to a monster truck show there once when I was a freshman in high school with my slutty friend. She was trying to pick up on nasty dudes, it was quite the event.