twisted sister

saw this last night with my little sister at the German film festival at the Castro theater...the little organ player played and it's nice to remember the beautiful buildings in this city. Anyway, the film is super. And super intense....kept my attention absolutely.

Heike's hair, clothes {especially the hair printed tops}, Heike's physique/beauty, marie's insight, apartment, furniture/artworks {set design}, kitty, vacation house, spain, beaches, german speaking.

controlling/dominating persona, phone games, relationship/communication woes, envy, lost youth, superficiality, desperation/isolation, abortion, sparkling wine

After sitting through the disappointing 13 year old boy mess of AVP Requiem, this film -though hard to swallow- was like water for my mind and heart.

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Jill said...

I hella wanna see this!!! xo