deux fois

clearly i am a francophile.....i think lots of americans are, and most films over here tend to show paris in this over-the-top lovey dovey sexy perfect way that it fuels the phile........over and over......i rent these films, and i have to watch them on my own after justin passes out, he can't hang, and i look around and get all fussy about being wherever i am....anyway.....per my sis i rented two days in paris by julie delpy....with adam was a little tedious, rocky relationship bickering + jealousy that is uncomfortable for me, but really this film shows the side of paris americans don't want to know, a more cramped parisian perspective of the difference between parisian humor, racism, sex and relationships against typified american discomfort. this aspect beat out the crap-relationship-rom-in-the-com-aspect...all this said, i laughed the hardest ive unexpectedly laughed in a long time.......goldbergs facial expression in the metro scene. i made justin watch it twice he didn't laugh so it could be me, but dang. i suggest this.

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