Pallando, far-travelling one

last night when we got home from pizza orgasmica with peter, there was a huge moth on my doorknob...made me think of the solo in the moth scene from LOTR.



And the wind... the wind is crying!"

with lyric. (solo in white, chorus in grey)
Music: The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers - The Complete Recordings - The Caverns of Isengard feat. A MOTH IN ISENGARD (NATURE'S RECLAMATION)sung by Edward Ross.
Soundtrack by Howard Shore.
(INTERESTING: The moth is appearing in the trading card game of decipher under the name "Pallando, far-travelling one".
you can see the card here:

Pallando the Blue is one of the 5 Istari (wizards).
Saruman (the White), Gandalf (the Grey/White), Radagast (the Brown), Pallando (the Blue) and Alatar (the Blue).
Radagast is sending Gandalf the eagle to rescue him from the top of Orthanc (and later again from the top of Zirak Zigil) and the eagles at the end of the movie for example. Otherwise he is not very important for the book/movie.
We don't know much about Pallando and Alatar; they went in the east and failed in their missions. They don't appear in the "lord of the Rings" books.


Quenya Lyric:
I cemen nurrua...
ar i sure...i súre naina!

English Translation:
The earth groans... and the wind... the wind is crying!

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