09 12 08

the day I turn 30 and the day I arrive in P A R I S with adam and jill

allez bizzzzz
biz amilcales
de grosses bises
des bises
des bises plein
gros bisous
gros, énormes bisous
je me permets une bise
je te fais de gros bises
je te fais un gros bizou
je t'embrasse
je t'embrasse très fort
mille baisers à toi
tout plein de bisous
un énorme bisou
une bise sur chaque joue

09 + 12 + 08 = 29 which is my current age
09 + 12 + 2008= 31 which is the following birthday age

absence of 30 = auspicious?

1 comment:

N A M E S A K E said...

you will physically vanish upon landing in paris on your bday. you will reappear in guam on your 31st birthday because the sum if its coordinates equal 235 which in itself equals 10 which is when we first bonded and you hit me 3 x's in the arm to make sure i wouldn't tell anyone about what's her toes poo'ing her pants during the outdoor ed "walk the trail alone" activity. 10 x 3 = 30 + 1 for good luck. don't be nervous. be strong. be brave.