l a b e l s

I like this label. Overall, I'd say that the design for this company's {site} labels are hit and miss but this one, the leese-fitch, and the moobuzz. Check the other 3 loose screws page for the mia's playground (not mia's kitchen) and the s|k|n labels: in my opinion. all nicely designed (for wine labels) On average I'd say most labels are shit. Everyone wants to look olde french, which is sweet and all, if done right......but a lot of the "contemporary" designs are super bad. It's a daily struggle for me now, and I vow to make some headway here. Anyway HEYYYYYYYYYYYYY MAMBO! (also uses the weird zork instead of a cork. plastic= BOO. I am kinda into the screw cap though...)


N A M E S A K E said...

i like the screw tops. careful putting company names and saying shit and stuff. pr peeps use google alerts.

mt.st.mtn. said...

I read somewhere that cork isn't in as much of an abundance as it once was, so cost-cutting wise, the companies have been forced to switch to the zork. Rad word! I ate a diet snack bar earlier that tasted like zork.

~ Dani