In the not too distant past, like a week ago, I caught a drink at the knockout with amy and some of her friends....we got to talkin about things we wouldn't wear now that we're not twenty...i remember someone mentioned half/belly shirts (which have never been on the plate for me anyway, thank god) high pony tails came up, I can't really remember the others. For me it was shirts with graphics on the chest and pig tails. In the most recent past, like yesterday afternoon, I read about the process Foucault went through when drafting a book. He'd write an entire draft. Then takes notes and do a shit ton of research and counter every single point, by point. Once every point was countered, and his new book was essentially the exact opposite of his initial draft, then the book was ready to roll.

I am taking the Foucualt approach to my rules, but I opt for a side ponytail instead. I just cannot do pigtails in the waking life.

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