my grandma sent me a copy of her audubon birdy magazine to show me the images you see over my shoulder. My Grandma isn't a typical cutesy lovey grandma...though she had five kids, she's never really been too excited about the grandkids (I'm the oldest of the ten.) She doesn't bake cookies, she isn't afraid to let you know if you need to lose or gain weight, and she makes the little ones really nervous. Now that I can drink cocktails, own a cat, and can swap love stories, she and I get along swimmingly. She once told me that the fifites are the most erotic years for a woman. She moved to San Francisco in the fabulous forties, and she used to work at the House of Charm organizing fashion shows. When I was twenty, I had this amazing naked lady seventies photo poster in my bedroom, and my mom made a jab at how grandma and I both like naked lady art. We also both hate the color purple. Anyway, she sent me this article, and when I opened the flagged page, it blew my mind. One of my favorite artists (recently) and here's my grandma feelin it as well.


N A M E S A K E said...

anthropology sells a crazy giant book by him my room mate swiped before she quit. so epic. there is a small gallery in the midwest that sells his prints for around $50. look it up. i like naked ladies too. adam

Giovanni said...

Bridget and i saved up a Barnes and Noble gift card and birthday money from last year to buy one of those limited edition copies of the "giant book" with a print. I think Bridget signed up for their club membership for an additional % off. That book is very important to me.
Bridget's mom likes naked ladies too. She has this print of a pastel drawing with a woman spread-eagle above their bed. Grosses me out.