A Great Divide Between Us Now

There's a monster growing in our heads
raised up on the wicked things we've said
a great divide between us now
something we should know

There's something to remember
and something to forget
as long as we remember
there's something to regret
something we should know

There's a mountain higher than we knew
it's high but such a bitter view
a great divide between us now
something we should know

A great divide between us now
on different sides of a great divide


leslaz said...

You speak to my heart. I once asked my best friend, what the HELL am I doing wrong!?! She took me seriously, told me she'd get back to me, she needed to think about it. A few days later, she sent me her notes in the mail, a flow chart of jots and scrambles, all incredibly insightful as to how I end up in the crappy relationships I seemed to collect. And then, the last page, after pages of scribbles and pencil and grey and smears, was one sentence....

Have you ever dated someone you respected?

And that stuck. Hard. I mean, really.


megan elizabeth said...

it really does just boil down to that. Thanks Leslie!

N A M E S A K E said...

dang ladies.

N A M E S A K E said...
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sweet said...

from the exact opposite end of the spectrum, or maybe meg's current ultra-selective end....taxi only disappoints when he sticks his nose in claire's little box.

gutsforgarters said...

...i think its kind of an epidemic. did you see that early episode of 30rock with liz's lame boyfriend? i was like, oh dear, its so widespread now its turned into humor. i will have to consider the respect question. i think i started out with super respect, and to admit less respect would be to admit less love, so somehow i cling to the before when i did, hoping it will show up again when shit gets together. but shit is always needing to be gotten together. hrmph.

mt.st.mtn. said...

Leslie is completely right. A long time ago my mom gave me some advice that always stuck with me: find someone who has the same goals in mind as you.

It's wonderful to date people who have a different life story than you, but I honestly believe that it seldom if ever works if you both don't have similar endings to the story in mind (eg. kids vs. no kids, laying a foundation vs. being more spontaneous, building a career vs. letting life take you where it will).

And yeah, everything that sucks now IS temporary. It'll soon be replaced by a new set of annoyances, haha.