One of the things I miss most from Sacramento is the garden I had at the Carmella house. I had tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, sweet peas (kinda) green beans, lavender, sunflowers, dahlias....and a ton of other plant life in the various other gardens around the house. My grandma and uncle, my aunt Allie, and my folks as well, all of them have wonderful green thumbs....it came somewhat naturally to me...though the planning and arrangements kinda sucked, things grew happily. And it felt super good to dig and water, and watch things grow. Instead of shoes or forever 21, I found myself at home depot, and daydreaming at the capital nursery. I rubbernecked yards. I had so many plans for that garden, and that house. I even went there when Justin was away just to be near it.

A gal in my city apartment has cultivated an impressive potted garden in our shared backyard. Really different from the drought resistant plants I had to stick to in Sac, but it's hers. I don't feel like I can touch it or add to it. My other neighbor waters it for her, as she is now battling lung cancer. Then I saw this little square...a total pee square for city pooches...and someone made it just beautiful. I park near it so I can check it out. Guerilla gardening, and I love it.

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