so i have terrible, incredibly, fanfuckingtastically awful could be that i hold my pen like a could be that i press incredibly hard, and write incredibly fast..culminating in a spidery glob of illegible scrawl.....all throughout childhood my teachers would let my parents know their concern for my penmanship on every progress never design school i was reprimanded for my poor level one i broke 4 nibs on these super expensive drafting teacher felt so bad, he gave me twenty bucks to stop me from crying to buy yet another nib.... i can't even decipher my own notes....the only time i write is when Im on the phone with clients....i remember when justin saw my handwriting for the first time... he was actually grossed out by it. try and guess what that 'p' word is up there. yep it's that bad.


leslaz said...

Property? Purgatory? hmmmmbop. said...

Pigoreaty? That sounds kinda delicious, but I think you're vegetarian.

~ Dani