I like

deep cleaning
watching dexter till 4 am
swimming butterfly
long chats with dear friends on my cell w/miko on my chest
eye contact
swearing + incredibly vulgar language
books that make me do things out loud
icey whiskey
thoughtful bedrooms
crepe sweaters
admiring other people in love
{especially someone carrying flowers to give to their loved one}
sassy old women
knowing that I'm leaving for paris in a week
almond scented soap
wearing one item of clothing for multiple days {in a row}
driving to kmel/94.9/99.7
reading french fluidly
plum galettes
my locket
inspirational gardening
blackberry infused vodka
genuine chivalry


gutsforgarters said...

i like that your i like list is longer than your i don't like list.

mt.st.mtn. said...

What is inspirational gardening? It sounds wonderful!