Getting your heart (NOT BOOBS, JESSE AND COURTNEY YOU PERVS) eaten out of your chest, kinda sucks. And though, I did have a good night laughing and drinking with some friends, I still had massively tormented dreams. This morning, I ran across an image I found from a blog entry about a poster that simply states, keep calm and carry on. It is like a tiny message from the universe, and all of the temporary suck began to lift off my shoulders like those little dust particles you never notice without some dreamy light to catch them.

The history behind the poster can be found {HERE}
The blog entry w/proper image sourcing can be found {HERE}


PJ said...

Hi Megan, thanks for linking back to my blog: I love my Keep Calm and Carry On poster and had fun writing that post.

gutsforgarters said...

yes. that has been on my etsy wishlist for like ever. incidentally, for like ever is another poster i heart (and own):

N A M E S A K E said...

positive vibes.