day four

i slept like crap last night...woke up at 5 am all awake and restless...rewoke up with jill and adam like 10ish? we're making progress with the jet lag....decided today was for le louvre. After purchasing deux croissants amande, et un pain au chocolat....which we stopped ourselves from eating while walking, we made it down the abesses stop to the platform down to our most visited arrondisement, the fourth. We walked into the main entrance of les jardins tuileries, it was hecka sunny, and i am into shade now that I am thirty, so began my theme of alone time for the day. Saw a super ugly lichtenstein sculpture, as well as a huge richard serra piece...two of my least favorite artists in the world...which jill loved, so i felt like a dick for voicing my distaste. art school has left me very honest about my critical opinions of art, especially public pieces. and I rarely spare kindness. Ah well. We approached the louvre, that sucker is GINORMOUS. down the glass pyramid, onto the denon for the italian paintings (mona lisa) after the victtory sculpture, adam and jill decided to get guided tour headphones. As a student of the arts for like a gazillion years, taking a zillion art history courses, and having to pass those things out at the seattle art museum for many shows. I like to think and read and hear museum sounds...but more, I just hate them. Im a hater today....probably due to aforementioned sleep prob. Anyway, after waiting for 5 minutes for them back at the entrance to the wing, I decided this wasn't going to work for me. Asked if I could use adams computer watch, then set up a meeting time to eat and stuff. Off I went. I spent the next two hours blasting through the entire painting collections solo mio. I mostly focused on names/images I knew, realizing I could also perfectly read the descriptives en francais as well. My other criteria for taking extra time, was for paintings that I just liked the look of, as well as humorous/silly imagery, or striking colors. on the whole it's rather repetitious, all of the movements inspiring artist after artist to do the same techniques, and reference the same stories/subjects. I took some photos of my favorites. Here's a secret about the's hella stuffy. I was using my english map as a fan, when a nice guide asked me (IN FRENCH) if it was hot, I stopped and we chatted en francais for a minute, and it felt nice. The mona lisa is silly by the way. which means I braved the throng for a photo. At three We met up and ate almonds and olive bread from our favorite boulangerie, picked a new time to remeet, and since I nailed all the paintings, I headed for the greek/roman/etrucian sculptures. i loved the venus de milo, aphrodite peeing and the busts of roman emporors...suprisingly, I was more moved by this chunk of my visit. In fact, after we left and walked to our next stop, I divulged to my buds that walking through the greek sculptures made me miss judd, and that I got a little sad to feel my broken heart on this trip. I gotta be honest. this is one lovey dovey town. it's kinda affecting me in the heart valves. Anyway, adam countered by admitting he got a boner in the louvre...not from greek bods, but more likely from all the boob suckling in the italien paintings of little baby jesus. Ha. Ps. we got starbucks at the fucking louvre. I got cracked out from some chai...then we walked the fancy shop district, and Took the train to go get wine and salad fixins at the champion. Some tall bad-haired french teenager stalked me for a little. it made me nervous. the lines at the store did as's scary when you don't know the little things about a culture! We got home, made some good grub, drank wine, and picked a bar from a list by the guy from that band Beirut, called 'motel' in the 11th. I was in charge of mapping this one, which I suck at...and we found it only for it to be closed. We opted for another, mostly because my name was in the title...MEGALOO. kinda tropically tiki ish....ordered some crazy cocktails, that were nace. Adams had so much sugar in it, you could grind it in your teeth. Hence, Adam ordered his own demis, which is cute. On the train ride home, I had mad eye sex with a hot frenchy....which led me to sitting alone again in the apartment while adam and jill grabbed beers to wander montmartre.

there's a thing in the french and death sounds a lot like love is death as well..

l'amour et le mort / l'amour est le mort.

i stayed home so I can sleep and be extra happy on the eiffel tower tomorrow.

and I am happy, don't get me wrong...Im more sappy if anything.

meg in paris


---jill here, so about wandering Montmartre...
You can drink on the street here, beer, wine, booze, anything. People are strewn out on benches on main streets drinking tall boys and smirnoff ices, pretty sweet. So off we went last night to wander the streets with beers, Paris style. We got gently lost and Adam impressed some teenagers with some freestyle walking. Saw an amazing old windmill, beautiful apartment lined alleys, finished our beers and started finding our way home. We passed a bar crowded with young people and decided to get another beer. Sitting in the back the barkeep asked if we were Swedish, and was surprised when I said American(Swedish?). An older, very drunk man sitting next to me got excited and said he was Venezuelan, went to Boston College for a masters in Math and now teaches at the Sorbonne, which I don't believe. He was crazy and talking non-stop repeating the same things over and over, foaming at the mouth and we were starting to get uncomfortable when he started talking about hating Arabs. I had read that this sentiment was prevalent in Paris, but whoa. This was our cue, we said good night and made our way home to sleep off all the beers.


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sweet said...

i love this, i wish i was 30, thank you for taking the time to share your trip!