day huit

I can't remember what time we woke up yesterday. After all the showering, back to our bou...i bought the olive bread today, actually kris bought it for me. Jill bought a big roll filled with chevre, and mr. veganpants bought a tuna sandwhich with eggs and cheese on it....we took the 5 over to the centre pompidou for some more modern art. On route, we passed a bookstore where I found terryworld for only 17 euros...seems like a good deal here, so i lugged that big dirty book around with me all day, found the pomp. A super pretty exhibit of architectural design by Dominique Perrault...the walls of the exhibit were made of glass like a store front, this enabled the viewer to juxtapose the hyper modern models against the old world structures of the parisian buildings in the surrounding square. The pomp is built outward, so it took us a minute to find the escalators to the rest of the exhibits (located on the outside in the front of the builing yet accesses inside...) Really gorgeous views of the surrounding areas rooftops...all the way to the tour eiffel, and as always our sacre coeur. The little cafe up there looked marvy with a single long stem rose on every table. Kris kept trying to dare me to take one. The next exhibit was of these AMAZING ripped poster works by Jacques Villeglé (the title of the show: La comédie urbaine) Super huge and beautiful pieces comprised of layered metro posters torn and arranged specifically. Some wild little videos intermixed...then a crazy guerilla alphabet that didn't work so well...(his hand wasn't as great when writing) At the bookstore near the exit of this show....I found my ABC pop up book. I posted a video of it here on my blog a while's made here. I might be done gifting myself now. We then found the standing exhibit...seriously please go here. Really wonderful artists....really wonderful pieces. My two favorites: photos of Valie Export. And a video depicting arab children marching in various landscapes with brightly painted cardboard signs, in arabic....which are then translated in subtitles to say things like pikachu, minnie mouse, zizou , etc....incredibly moving. right about then kris and i realized we had to get back to the apartment to get him back to the train. I went with thim all the way to his high speed train in the gare du nord, we hugged and smooched till he had to leave...felt like a post card on the platform. Stay in touch we will. On my way home I popped into the culinary shop to find little presents for my family. Spoke french with the shop keep. Ate an anise candy, watched a man dance in the square with a jar of live fish balanced on his head. Bought a coke at maison colignon...Jill and adam came home and adam navigated us to a super secret vegan buddhist restaurant. Super yummy, adam accidentally ordered a spelt (alcohol free) beer. A local asked us how we found it because no tourists ever eat there. YES! i didnt realize how much I missed mock meat. Fried bananas left us super full....walked over to a show sponsored by blogotheque...really crowded indie joint. Folky jams..I kept sneaking out for air and wandered on my own. Heard a huge firworks display but didn't see it. Turned out we missed the band adam really wanted to see. Found the train home (direct no transfers!) and popped into a bar down the rue from our place...ADAM ordered us mojitos and jill a vin rouge...hes really good and brave and manly at ordering drinks for us! We then went home drank the rest of the alcohol in the house, made some killer tunes on garage band about biers and head shoulders bread and cheese. Adam and I wrestled. We all laughed to the point of snarfing toothpaste. bon nuit.

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