day three

we woke up a little earlier today...jill and adam walked down to find croissants and to print out a nice photo for something special. i waited in the apartment for my belgian friend to call me and set up our meeting at the end of the week...i hadn't talked to him in years, it felt really good to hear his voice and know that we'll be hanging out again this wednesday! Jill and adam returned with pain au chocolat and plain croissants. mind melting! we ate, grabbed our things and headed down to the 4th to the jewish area to find les puces (the fleas) which are the flea markets. We got down to the rue des rosiers...right by the seine...the first time to see the green snake for us. we wandered into the quarter and immediately found an amazing vintage shop. I bought a french army jacket for 5 euro, jill bought a dress, and then we bought two falaffel vegetarien...fucking delicious. I have to inject here, the issue of speed when ordering food or anything from a shopkeeper in paris. If you lollygag at all with your decision, or your words when ordering you WILL piss off the worker, and signify that you are indeed a tourist (aka most lowly of the low) regardless I got us a water and a coca, then we stood in the wild street and ate up the stuff. so where were les puces? we walked the entire couple blocks of la rue des rosiers...found the p-star thrift shop that stinkface kersten dunst likes (which was more expensive and less rad than the one we found on our own) we found the street that has a nice veggie restaurant adam found online for later, we found the musee carnavalet, a paris history museum housed in an old mansion like thing, which was free and had tons of gorgeous rooms decorated in different styles of different eras...our feet began to hurt here. SO we grabbed a guinness and some wine at an anglo bar, some older american tourists came in and acted dumb, so we jetted to avoid any contact. After we left and walked towards the bastille stop on the metro, we found les places des vosges. the oldest intact square in paris (400 yrs plus) this was like dolores park. you could actually sit on the grass here and it was covered with hipstery paris folks. Young dudes, young parents, and my ultimate favorite: parisian kids playing. I have a serious pang in my heart for the kids here. They do not dress their kids in the awful colors and shapes and designs of american kids wear. the clothes are more muted and are actually shaped in more age appropriate versions of fashion forward adult looks. its really something. even more than that, they have cute little hair cuts, beautiful faces, fancy strollers, and the best little voices Ive ever heard. I think on that white people list, children with accents show up. It's like crack to me. I want to marry a frenchman just so I can have une petite bebe francais!!!!!!!! Speaking of french men....jeez it's like MODELS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I mean french ladies are beautiful, but dudes are better than I ever imagined...and tons of them. it's like a constant flow of hotness. Ofcourse Im like a whale here, and thus fairly invisible. But it's nice to know they exist. OK! so after the park, walked down to the seine to walk back up to the hotel de ville. adam had to pee really bad and since we couldn't find toilettes anywhere, we snuck into a kids park and he peed by a bush. We hopped over a road, sat on the seine for a minute, some dude was openly peeing on a tree across the water which totally made our search for adam's toilettes feel silly. Walked up the water to the streets...found the hotel de ville (it's SO FRICKING BIG!!!!!!!!) Im really suprised by the 7 story aspect of most of the buildings here. After we tried to eat at PIccolo's (the aformentioned spot we found) but it was closed. We then remembered this crazy fondue place down the street from our apt. Has a baby bottle door handle on the door, and the walls are covered with scribbles and tags from the customers. We walk in and this attractive older man with a butt chin tell you to take off your stuff and hang it in the back, when I walked back into the main room, there are two rows of tables each row lining the facing walls (creating a parallel space) he pulls out one of the tables, slides the chair sideways and tells me to climb over...and makes me sit next to this young french dude on a date with his girl, his mom, and his preteen brother. Jil is next, hops over to my side, table slides back in...adam comes out, they bring us 3 sweet wines, and a plate of charcuterie. Adam has been eating cheese, but this was gnar, olives, 3 types of meat, pickles, etc. The hot waiter askes us rouge or blanc, fromage or vinde...we order 2 rouge 1 blanc et fromages. he returns with 2 baby bottles of red wine, and one of white wine, a bubbling pot of fondue cheese and two bread baskets. the next hour was INSANE. the waiter is teasing the preteen that I should date him, and that he's 18. over and over, when I protest, he asks if i prefer an homme, which I said yes....then he pointed out the old ponytail guy who dealt with the drinks, and i said not so much, then he asked if I liked him, and i said YES........he proceeded to stir our fondue and look at me like a lover on fire for like 4 minutes. I was dying. he grabbed my hand to look at my was intense! and hilarious. we tagged our names, and tried to chat with our frenchy neighbors who were annoyed by a different table of american LA GIRL type tourists. We got amazin photos, came home, my veggie pals ate some meds, and we hiked up the hill to the sacre coeur, Our neighborhood is my favorite so far. The church was beautiful, and the steps riddled with parisians loving their loved ones and drinking wine and beer. We finally spotted the eiffel tower!!!!!! it was doing that nutty sparkly thing, and eventually turned blue. I should mention here that strangers still come up to me. even here in paris. Earlier on the metro, an old man asked me about my tattoo and kept asking adam in french where he is from, as he thought he was armenian. when the eiffel towere turned blue a french woman began to aske me what my favorite color is I said yellow (which is kinda true)and she color analyzed me, it was cute. I should also mention that Im pretty good at handling conversation with random folks, I just suck at speaking to mean shop keeepers!!!! Anyway, we wound down the hill back to the apartment, watched adam add some more photos to his blog (* for now this i where you shoud go for trip photos,) drank rose and had weird dreams in my box bed.

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Paris is like NYC when it comes to beautiful people. The most beautiful people in the world flock there. Also, even the most intimidatingly perfect men in Paris are often very approachable. I'm 100% sure that the restaurant adventure is only the first flirtation story you'll have. It ain't called the city of love for nothin'.

P.S. If you go to the Eiffel, go late at night. There are usually a dozen amazing food carts and you can lay on the grass and gaze at the tower without the crowds.