day two

We woke up at TWELVE!!!!!! our time is off......we took a while to shower etc. and decided to go shoppin instead of touristy things. We took the metro from pigalle down into the 4th...saw an opera building.. I ordered us french coffees and a tartine wth jam and butter for french is so nervous now. We walked around the shops, found Colette I bought a present for someone, and we saw lenny kravitz in the store. After we left we walked around,found the place vendome then les jardins tuileries. We decideed to get a beer, I walked in and did the whole point and say trois thing, then jill pulled out her skills from her community college class! WOW...she nailed it. Je veux trois demis...this gets you three beers and a bravo from the bar man! After walking around we came back to our arrondisement, purchased some more cheese bread,wine, pasta, etc. and nutella, and jill made dinner. We decided to plan a bit, and help jill figure out or routes, etc...we found out that a few good bands were playing, took the train down where a crazy voiceless french man hopped on our train and played american rock songs on his acoustic guitar, and caught the tail end of the show...jills trois demis worked again, we made adam try once...and we ended up taking 3 rounds. After the bands came cheezy techno scene...some fatter old lady mom totally jammed out, and jill and adam were loving the local dance stylings of the frenchies. I danced and laughed. We took off soon there after to ensure we'd catch the train home. Teenagers were making out at the adorable. Walked around pigalle before heading up the hill, saw le chat noir, and the moulin rouge, passed by a frenchy doing karaoke to AHA take on me.......came home drank a lot of wine (court I found that awesome dessert wine for like 6 euros!) laughed and hung out till 3 am...and made ourselves go to bed.

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