Cape v.s. Cloak

either way I want one hecka bad.

I started searching in paris, after I couldn't find an appropriate match to leslie's dreamy h&m parka...

this is the one I want from A.P.C.

these are made by some gal named
lindsey thornburg {<--clickthat} in new york

OR my dear friend, if you happen to see one in a thriftshop or ebay/etsyland or some less than 300 euro options, get it for me, and I'll pay you, as well as bake you a pie.

which apart from cloaks, capes, AND ponchos (I'm good on ponchos) is my new hobby.

love ya like a sister



Kris said...

That coat reminds me of The Village, don't venture out into the (Muir?) woods by yourself please.

Kris said...

Don't know why, but that coat reminds me of 'The Village'.. Don't venture out into the (Muir?) woods all by your lonely, thank you very much. I'll check my closet for anything similar.

gutsforgarters said...

i want this one

it is less than $300 euros :)

megan elizabeth said...

oh nice one crosby!

gutsforgarters said...

excellent on the email newsletter promos and codes also if you catch my driftage :)