this is how we do it...it's friday night...

panda bear et bamboo!

hooty hoot!

how many licks?

i like the innocent type, deer in the headlights
la trifecta

this happens in pleasanton

courtney ended up eating a frosting tostada for five bucks at like 3 am...but this masterpiece was straight for snugglin

marissa stole my camera and these are her main squeezes

bacon meet panda of bacon beer pizza and baby otters, this dude didn't even like his costume but wouldn't sell it to her for some reason. NO FUN

lori and jenni were faux raving in the back patio with steve

mcguirk was hal mcguirk

bars in pleasanton are special. man i was wasted and didn't take any good pictures

the next morning was RUFF.....walking down hopyard with mcguirk to zorn's. eventually we had to call a CAB in PLEASANTON.

court was an extra for the movie poison ivy starring drew barrymore in the early nineties

bart was a joy as well


N A M E S A K E said...

oh man that looks fun. i saw ponytail again and danced like a maniac. thought of yew.

Lori said...

h ahaaa!!

jenijennjen said...