warm and fuzzy

i am all gooshy lately. my life feels so fucking good right now, it's kinda unreal to me...some of the little things that have been warming my heart:

1. falling asleep reading twilight at 9:30 with frodo + miko
2. saving caterpillars from busy sidewalks
3. chatting with heather, courtney, and jill on the regular
4. spending sundays with my mom and various family members
5. bonding with my 16 year old cousin and the honest conversations we can now have
6. dressing up for work
7. shredding the contents of my closet to give away, not sell
8. liquid eyeliner
8. pie recipe researching
9. not owning a car
10. freeing myself of passive aggressive ex-friends
11. shopping with my sookie
12. green papaya salad
13. walking up market and befriending strangers in line
14. cute emails from my papa (like the one that delivered that photo up above)
15. buying things for my grandma and refusing her money to reimburse
16. mailing things that ive been saving for years to mail
17. Pachelbel's Canon in D major
18. belonging to my neighborhood
19. picking out paint for my bathroom
20. the sound of a neighbor commuter laughing from what they're reading


Kris said...

Not making that list makes me sad.

megan elizabeth said...

making you sad breaks my heart