Beautiful evidence

I had a tree decorating party for my fake white tree w/heirloom great grandma, bearer of the name I'd name a little girl if I ever had one, made many of the ornaments...and some are from the 1920's as well...

xmas kitty

two towers was on while i dressed my tree....

look how crazy happy this night made me!!

court had a tree decorating party for many

cinnamon rolls with bacon

we found an old letter of mine to santa, i asked for stephen king books + sweet valley high books

sully had a most excellent bday celebration at do re mi

marcy and i got sweatery

tried to see jeremy's show, only saw miss van's (and i love her, so I was happy)

ended up at the afterparty held at the peacock lounge, you had to know a password, but when I said I didn't know it, the gal at the door asked me if I just came from Jerry's art show, and I said yes. Leslie and I ran into Tim on the way there, it was like an old low gallery opening, but with a jillion more randoms.

i'm gonna hang out with hadley smith tonight!!!

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N A M E S A K E said...

you + marcella = rad