Алексей Бродович

Alexey Brodovitch {1898-1971}
Russian-born photographer, designer and instructor who is most famous for his art direction of Harper's Bazaar from 1938 to 1958.

I saw this photo of av spread from the special biannual edition of French ELLE on this amazing site:

and it reminded me of my biggest design crush, Alexy Brodovitch....
I love how he would lay everything down on the floor, instead of pinning up to a wall...

here are spreads....note the negative space, the considered, shapely type treatment, the minimalism.

it's my ultimate ideal of graphic design.

he was also very abstract, and worked with atypical photography, sans type, which I also think is incredibly important to design. not putting type all over everything...

if anyone ever asked me who my design hero would be, it's him.

p.s. for more info on the elle spreads go here: www.formfiftyfive.com

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