Leslie and I happened upon this shop called SHOTWELL on black friday, after an amazing little adventure in Britex (i found suede elbow patches with the sewn holes punched out already!)

The only reason we found it is because of the sign you see below (and a $22 sale tagline) posted up here and there. It's right next to agent provocateur, and it's owned by a rad couple (who are gettin married soon) lots of small nice brands, and vintage options, super cute belts and jewelry (alex + chloe, and i think in god we trust from nyc) You get a cute printed reusable sac when you buy things, the couple are so nice and unpretentious! go there!

stole this image off the yelp profile:
(that's them in the lower right hand corner)

here is the site:

here is the yelp profile:

talk about ideal: young, creative, inlove + gettin hitched.
...kinda my ideal lifeplan, save for the young part.

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