Saint George's Spirits

situated in loverly alameda...the Hanger One vodka distillery lives in a huge, well, hanger. They do tours and we decided to give it a go.

star wars thingies...

this is lisa marie and my coworker ryan's BF don

here leslie demonstrates aeration:

hendin does hanger from megan on Vimeo.
we tasted 13 different spirits in under 15 favorite was the spiced pear vodka, and the aged pear eau de vie (200 bucks a bottle!)

they wrap your glass in a hot dog bag to take home

I hadn't had anything to eat...the tour started at one so we tasted at 12:30...I was a happy gal...that hunky dude is my coworker Ryan

TFWJO...only ryan knows my preferred code of conduct.

this incredibly sassy women gave an amazing talk/tour of the willy wonka-esque distillery...

Ryan was next to these weird studious berkeley nerd women who were taking serious notes.

According to our snappy guide, they use some crazy fruit in their delicious booze. the bottling line was far superiour to that of crushpad, but it was neat to be familiar with the set up none the less.

Leslie was a super trooper considering just having returned from the Philippines just yesterday.

soaking buddha's hand with olde timey looking glass.

i left my mark

we finished the day with roasted root vegetable fondue at the boys fancy apartment.
so sleepy now.




N A M E S A K E said...

can i do this with you some time?

megan elizabeth said...

no ciminos allowed. sorry.