A u d i u m

I went on a date here about a week ago or so...completely surreal...located off of van ness on bush st....the exterior of the building is wood, with only the logotype in a bit of light, the ticket lady looked like an LDS mom, after buying the little ticket for 15 dollars, stepped into the foyer... comprised of white walls with intermittent speakers emitting little bird sounds around the room, there were some semi-large seventies modernist wood sculptures, one especially resembling labia (think harold and maude) and it was slightly dark...suprisingly crowded...a german (maybe?) couple was slow kissing right next to us and felt incredibly creepy....after ten minutes or so, a sweatered grandpa explained a brief history of the project... entered the space through an octagonal doorway into the room pictured above...the lights dimmed, to complete darkness, and the sound installations begin...there were tiny glowinthedark arrows, but totally worthless when looked at directly...i sunk into my chair and closed my eyes, thought about someone from the night before, i'd open them periodically, and luckily opened them right as the room slowly lit to a low dim....during the five minute intermission, a dude yelled at his neighbor to leave the room if he wanted to talk..as his eyes were still shut and didn't realize it was breaktime...the grandpa controlled the sound from the dj booth thing, another half hour passed by in a dreamy state...really good water sounds...my date told me on the way out, that he had actually stood up and stretched at various points during the installation, and I had no idea at all. We walked back to the mission in the cold.

you should go: www.audium.org

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