So last night marissa, courtney and i took our moms to see jon hamm (don draper of Mad Men) perform with a bunch of comics in a matching game show at cobbs comedy club for sketch-fest. Some of the other celebs/comics included Andy Richter, some guy from Mr. Show, a guy from Upright Citizens Brigade, Chris Hardwick (host of singled out, and voice of cow on a nickelodeon show that i used to watch with nathaniel) and a guy from best week ever. Upon entering the venue, well as I was walking into the door I realized chris hardwick was cut off by the line and was trying to enter as well, so I turn to him and say, "Go ahead, Dude." he was awkward then I was like, "You're in the thing, Dude. Go ahead." we all enter, get our seats. Some actor from freaks and geeks sits at a nearby table. We decide to find the loo, i get up from my chair turn around, and bump into Chris Hardwick again. SO let me back this up, and say that I get really weird around celebrities, unlike my mom, who is REALLY INTO THEM....more later on that...I get uncomfortable, and say weird things. So he bumps into me, Marissa was like, "You again!" he laughs, then I say (it's so weird.) "Dude, why you plaguing me?!" and I turn and walk away. Okay. SO note that I said dude to this guy around three or four times, but PLAGUING ME?! what the fuck? Who says shit like that!!!! Probably my dad, but really? I walked away super embarrassed.

Show starts, it's pretty funny. The game requires two audience members. They pick some really lame gay IT guy who was not funny in the slightest, AND a pregnant woman from Sacramento of all places (BARF) the game is a fill in the blank matching situation. The comics and Jon Hamm fill in their blanks on these cards, then the boring audience people have to say their ideal answer and hope it matches with one of the celebs/comics. Amy Mann then walks on stage and teams up with the least famous dude from Mr.Show. She will be drawing his answers on her card.First round happens, no one wins, but the not famous dude gets up, and says "Hey who wants an autographed drawing of a chicken by Amy Mann?!" the crowd goes wild....he then frisbees the hard cardstock paper into the audience it zings across two rows of tables, and hits me SQUARE IN THE FACE. Then guess who makes a joke about a San francisco woman decapitated at sketch fest by Amy Mann card....Chris Hardwick.

My life is a series of weird and consistent coincidences.

The show ended, and at this point my mom is up really really late for her routine, and kinda hyper she turns to me and says, "I am getting Jon Hamm's cards." i'm like MOMMMMMMMM....and she's off....comes back with all the cards. Now she is extra hyper.The combination of sleep deprivation, gingerale, and celebrity proximity has her in a complete frenzy. As we're waiting for mariss and her mom to pee, my mom sees Jonny H come by the side of the stage, she yanks me over in her frenzy and starts yelling at me for a pen. I totally freak out and run to the side, she gets him to sign her cards, and I'm trying to melt into the wall as I notice Chris Hardwick is nearby. I am seriously freaking out. My mom then berades me for not taking their picture, but luckily Mariss and her mom appear right before she gets mad for reals, and we (or I) duck out. We find court in line, waiting for the next show, and Shcroeder shows up to go with her, as we're all filling him in on the show, I loudly toss in the fact that they chose a REALLY LAME DUDE to be a contestant, at this point court shhhhhhhhhs me and i then see that the REALLY LAME DUDE is standing literally behind her. GLARING AT ME.




and my nose hurts from that damn amy mann.

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