There's this cute little kid, well...I guess he's like 12 or so, he commutes on the same bus lines I do every morning. Mission kid, wears the same allover printed hoody everyday. We never talk or anything, but he seems super mellow and kinda small for his age. These cool girls, maybe his age, ride the same bus too. They both have crazy smooth ponytails, with long hair and perfect side-swept bangs. They also sport allover printed hoodies and skinny jeans and vans. They totally ignore him. Today it was really really rainy. I wore flats and the drops and cold wind made my feet sting. At our transfer stop, everyone crowded into the covered bus stop thing. Both girls squeezed in with all the old ladies. I had my huge umbrella that Jill bought me in Seattle, Gustav Klimt's the kiss in repeated print. The little guy moved to get under the cover, and I think, noticed the girls.... and stopped himself to stand in the rain, with only his hoody.

So I said, hey kid, you're getting drenched. You can wait under this big old umbrella too. He hesitated but he did. It was pretty cute, and made my day.

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Jesse said...

that rules