We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.

"Future? Oh, I get it. You mean you don't foresee a pot of gold at the end of our juicy rainbow. You mean that our intimacy isn't likely to yield a dividend. You disappoint me, Gwendolyn. I hoped you might have a watt or two more light in your bulb than those poor toads who look on romance as an investment, like waterfront property or municipal bonds. Would you complain because a beautiful sunset doesn't have a future or a shooting star a payoff? And why should romance 'lead anywhere? Passion isn't a path through the woods. Passion is the woods. It's the deepest wildest part of the forest; the grove where the fairies still dance and obscene old vipers snooze in the boughs. Everybody but the most dried up and dysfunctional is drawn to the grove and enchanted by its mysteries, but then they just can't wait to call in the chain saws and bulldozers and replace it with a family-style restaurant or a new S and L. That's the payoff, I guess. Safety. Security. Certainty. Yes, indeed. Well, remember this, pussy latte: we're not involved in a 'relationship', you and I, we're involved in a collision. Collisions don't much lend themselves to secure futures, but the act of colliding is hard to beat for interest. Correct me if I'm wrong."

Another vacation book, renders cosmic.
If I could buy you all this book, I would.

{Tandem to the love-line in this story, there is an alarmingly relevant plot device involving the meltdown of the US economy that makes all of this seem a little less frightful.}


N A M E S A K E said...

wow. so good. thanks, i've always meant to read something by him.

leslaz said...

I have that woodpecker book by him buried in my shelf. I think I will dig it out. My plane leaves in six hours and I will need something to move me. I look forward to reading this one at some point though. Yes.

gutsforgarters said...

I've been wanting to read him but unsure of where to start. This seems pretty good to me xoxo