Jill picked me up from the airport and was happy to see me!
She made me the best fancy cocktail and sumptuous treats ever!!

fancy wallet

she had the prettiest tulips on her coffee table


Jill gave me a sweet little garden tour of Ballard on our walk to Oaxaca.

I loved the white daffodils very much.

She taught me not to touch these bad boys, they make you hurt or itch, I can't remember which.

Checked out the new Cha-Cha....ran into Maurice, whom Jill and I met on our very first trip to Seattle, fittingly at the old Cha-Cha.

Shawn Picco!
My favorite dance partner ever, and amazing rhubarb pie baker!

After checking out the Fremont market us gals took to discovery park for a little walking + talking. I didn't get much of the coast, but it was sure gorgeous out!

Jill runs up these babies on the regular!


CAPTAIN PICCO! (named after Shawn up there)

Chad + Renny's adorable apartment!

I had Monday morning to myself, so I got to play tourist for a hot minute...Can you see the needle?

There it is!

My old place.

My favorite mural in Seattle....the Dark Crystal! That skexy is the scariest.

If you go to Pike's place market, do go to Beecher's, check out the fresh made mac'n cheese! (And cute boys tending to the cheese making too.)

Some sweet seats in the market.

Purdy market fare.

Sea-tac's gigantic window providing delicious view of the sun setting over the Olympics.

OH my Seattle friends, wish I could be with you all the time.

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leslaz said...

Okay. That is just freaking ridiculous. I have never seen the Dark Crystal, and as I was just reading your blog, the opening credits are rolling on my TV. DUDE.