"Worrying solves nothing."

- Stefan Sagmeister
{---I can think of a few people who should heed this quotation!}

Today I perused the Kate Spade website....really nicely designed, graphically speaking. (Also a ton of cute little films shot in New York.)

Stumbled upon one surprising tidbit....Kate Spade sponsored an installation by one of my favorite graphic designers/thinkers of all time: Stefan Sagmeister at Art Basel in fricking 2007.

He composed phrases into the environment (as per his MO)
for the fête:

LOW EXPECTATIONS spelled out in colorful martinis.
ARE A GOOD STRATEGY printed on the swizzle sticks.

Apparently they made some bags as well.
It's all flash, in the events section on her site: http://www.katespade.info/?section=events
{see the box that says MATERIAL LUXURIES}

here is a bird's eye snapshot from the site:

here is a party-goer's perspective from google:

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mt.st.mtn. said...

i like what he has to say about complaining.