Dans Ma Cuisine, Encore!

Fun with roasted heirloom pumpkin:

Roasted pumpkin risotto with braised fennel & rosemary balsamic reduction...and more tomato provencal

Two spiced pumpkin quickbreads + pumpkin biscotti

Despite all these delicacies....I still have 2 cups of pumpkin to reckon.....yowza!


Jill said...

I wish i was at your house eating all of your amazing looking creations right now. Especially the pumpkin bread, I'd eat the shit outta that. Remind me next time in Paris to buy more cool kitchen stuff! Those knives look beautiful!

Lori said...

woahhhh your blog is making me hungryyyyyy

LaReinaCipolla said...

wow- you cook it up. Damn, looks good and you make me miss my cat so much.