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St. Agur Salad w/hot pink onions + BBQ Quorn pizza w/smoked gouda....I scared up a walnut pie using the Cook's illustrated Full-proof pie dough recipe Jill sent me. Sully texted me this from his bedroom after ingesting said pie: Pie rulez ultimate fuck

Walnut pie is a nice alternative to pecan pie...don't get me wrong, pecans are lovely....I just find that the meaty savory aspects of the walnut stand up better against the sweetness of the filling.

Wasabi grilled vegan cheese w/hot pink onions (stole this idea from Seattle's Bleu....where I nabbed the idea for mediterranean nachos. If in Seattle, you should go...check out this -->menu )

Left over home made pesto pasta scramble

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Lori said...

youre always cooking up some good stuff. looksssss soooo yummy!