I love tassels. Especially in leather or suede.
Peep this neat bag...it's pretty affordable.
Find here: http://host5.shoppepro.com/~spoolcom/

If it weren't for my ban on buying*, I'd snap this up in a heartbeat~
(*I made a vow on october 7, 2009...no new clothes for one year! -this excludes things I can't fix or repair, or downright need for warmth etc.)


leslaz said...

oh my gosh. That is quite the vow. Nothing? For a year?

I have a hard time with a month. (That makes me sounds so lame.)(and it's funny considering my most recent blog post)

yikes. Good luck!

LaReinaCipolla said...

Best of luck. Hard to do even when you dont have any money.