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Have you ever been to Dottie's True Blue Cafe?
Holy smokes does it live up to the hype.
I had the sweet potato galette with gruyere + carmelized red onions...and fell in lurve. Not until I saw the butternut squash galette recipe on Smitten Kitchen, did I have the nerve...For my first attempt, for a dinner party, I tried with her dough, but didn't have the time for proper freezing, etc. It came out a bit tough. The filling I just winged taking notes from her onion carmelizing notes. I tried again two days later for another dinner party using Cook's Illustrated Fool Proof dough recipe. {Subscribe! Jill bought it for me...such a great publication!!}
Et voila!

Adam said he hadn't tasted food that delicious since eating at a restaurant! (And folks, he got the leftovers the next day. Yeah.)

Big shock, I don't measure when I cook.
So pardon the lack of measurements...

Sweet Potato Galette Filling

Mashed sweet potatoes
Carmelized yellow onion
2 handfuls cave aged gruyere shredded
spices as you need em...(I followed Smitten Kitchen's recipe for seasoning mine.)

Mash up the potatoes with some butter, and mix with the carmelized onion, and season it up. Plop in the middle of your dough, fold up the edges and bake.

I served with a pretty blood orange salad.


{smitten kitchen recipe found here}

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leslaz said...

Definite yum. Bill and I talked about your cooking all the way home. And the next day. And marveled that wow, we are actually grown-ups with real dinner parties where we bring wine and have bourbon and there are recipes involved in cooking.