We're Engaged!

I decided to ask Jonee to marry me on our one year anniversary. In order to make it an uber-surprise I once told him I'd never ever do the 'asking' thus leaving a perfect opportunity for a complete blindside. I purchased two Claddagh rings....mostly because I cried after imagining myself reading to Jonee the traditional Irish expression associated with giving a Claddagh ring. I then hid the box inside a gilded hard-bound copy of Billiam Shakespeare's collected works with some selected text and directives drawn in gold pen.

Look how sweet it turned out:



We decided to celebrate our 1-year by meeting for a cocktail at the Bar where we had our first date, followed by dinner at Flour+Water, which was our second date. (Please note that on our first date I was on crutches, so both locations are within a block from my old apartment.) I was mighty MIGHTY nervous all day (and even the day before when I called his folks to ask permission) but when I got the table where we sat on our date, a pair of crutches were leaning against the wall in the same exact spot where I had laid mine a year to the day, if not hour. I took this a sign, and my nerves eased a bit.

I traded spots. I sat in the chair that was Jonee's and I also brought him a single white Gerbera daisy (he had brought me a single pink one on out first date.) From my seat, across from the auspicious crutches, I spied a tag in the white bar of the stop sign paint in the road. Someone had written Love in cursive. I took this as another sign.

Jonee gave me his present, a lovely book of French recipes from the 1940's, then I gave him mine. I pretty much didn't beat around the bush, and after reading the passage and finding the ring, I simply asked him to marry me and he said yes!
I explained the Claddagh ring, we exchanged the vows and BOOM, we became engaged!

We then had a lovely dinner, and after calling family and friends we posted this sweet image to the good ole interwebs to share our exitement!

We're so in L O V E, and my feet haven't hit the ground yet!




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Jessica said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! What a sweet post!! You two look so happy in those photos...:)

Lori said...

Congratulations!! What an awesome love story! so happy for you guys.

sweet said...

i'm far behind the times, only just now stalking your blog after months of absenteeism. you're so darling, and imagining your happiness made me so happy too. congratulations, old friend!

{M E G} said...

thankya thankya!

{M E G} said...

thankya thankya!