Dans Ma Cuisine

My Dad had brought us a pie once, and left his dish.
I promised to return it full of pie on our next visit.
Went on and on about my favorite Vodka Crust recipe from Cooks Illustrated...but I totally cheated.
This is a cheater pie.

You see, I had this Perfect Pie Crust mix from Williams-Sonoma, and a Berry filling in a jar (also from WS) just begging to be used.
And having spent the rainy afternoon at the Berlin film festival, then shopping down Market Street, a cheater pie is all I was up for! AND on top of that I used my pie shape cutters to form my crust...not embellish my crust.


The tools of my trickery....the dough was a little dry and hard to roll out. The cutter definitely saved the day...and in a very pretty way. I will have to work hard at making myself roll out my top crusts, knowing how easy this makes it!

This is the baked crust....looks rather pretty, right?
Hopefully it'll taste lovely too~

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