Hoover Dam

This past weekend, Jonee and I jotted down to Boulder City to meet up with his Grandpa + his lovely wife Nancy.
We stayed at the infamous Railroad Pass Casino Hotel, which, if you might be interested to know, is not at the address it says it is (i.e. do not rely on your GPS if you're driving there...long story.) We had tons of fun getting to know eachother over dollar strawberry shortcake, and dollar amber bock. We even ventured down to the strip for lunch at the Belaggio.

On our second day, Jonee and I scooted off to visit the Hoover Dam.
I really dug the 1930's aesthetic and was quite pleased with that the new bridge nearby was designed to harmonize with the clean art deco look of the dam.

P.S. how cute is this picture? (It looks like treebeard photobombed.)

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