Adorable Breakfasts.


Recently realizing I am fairly adept at making fantastic breakfast...I've also become slightly jaded with eating breakfast out...the lines, the wait, the cold potatoes....which brings me face to face with my current obsession with home-made breakfasts. It's become a ritual in our home on Saturdays and Sundays to not only enjoy extra long snuggles with the kittums in our cozy'n'cute apartment, but to enjoy my breakfasting creations. I don't know if you've seen the BBC series "The Trip" yet, but I keep thinking to a scene wherein Seve Coogan remarks upon how delicious his simple English fried breakfast is, while seeming utterly uninterested in most of the Michelin starred cuisine he eats throughout the rest of the series. Simple food, brings simple joy. You can imagine my delight upon discovering one of my favorite blogger's new blog titled, quaintly enough, BREAKFASTS. The image above is my favorite so far, do take a peek.

Anyway, I hope you had a yummy breakfast today, too....
Wait! Tell me: what is your favorite weekend breakfast (to make at home)?


Katy said...

Looks yum!

My everyday breakfast is plain yogurt with molasses,dried/fresh fruit, and almonds.

My favorite breakfast is whole wheat toast, tomatoes, avocado and egg. (just like what you had)

Today was a breakfast 'quesadilla' with whole wheat tortilla, egg over medium, avocado and a little Beecher's sharp cheddar.

I love breakfast!

bM said...

Ummm, can I come over to your house for breakfast? I never ever ever cook breakfast...I never feel motivated in the morning!

{M E G} said...

I wish that was MY breakfast....that image is from the BREAKFAST blog...but ours did rule today...eggs scrambled with garlicky greens and shredded dubliner's cheese, niman ranch uncured bacon, blueberry muffins with fresh blueberries, and coffee with organic hazlenut creamer...mmmm.

This is a weekend thing...on weekdays I'm NEVER I tend to have almond butter with flax seed on Alvarro Street flax seed toast...and a cutie.

Yay breakfast!

Ashley said...

Mmmm. Breakfast. Weekend breakfasts are the bestest. My go to is garlicky greens with a fried egg on top, don't forget the tapatio, an Arizmendi english muffin and a hot french press doesn't hurt. <3, Ashley

leslaz said...

Breakfast is my favorite. I love the ritual of it. The coffee, the foods (where often sugar and carbs and protein battle it out). I judge restaurants by the quality of their biscuits (FYI, Ella's on Presidio: WIN), but my favorite at home, go to is the scramble. with coffee.

Let's start a breakfast club. Like, a real one with more food and less library.

Heather said...

Girls brunch this weekend was at my place. Tofu scramble with garlicy greens, tomatoes & mushrooms with crispy fried on the side (must have pepper plant sauce) & sourdough toast. Coffee and of course, mimosas.....heavy on the bubbly. LOVE breakfast! How about a cheese & egg croissant? One of my all time favorites along with the cheese Danish.