Wedding Hair.

The thing about wedding want it to be okay after many drinks, possible wind storms, and lots of intense dance moves involving high-kicks and lyrical interpretations of "Take On Me" short: hair must be SOLID. No, not tap-tap-tap lacquered dried gel solid...but you know, firmly placed bobby-pinned, wispspsps-catching solid. Hence  my idea to add a french braid to this side-chignon.

Big UPs to my sweet cousin Meredith, who has taken upon this task! We did the dry-run today. She nailed it out of the cheap H&M flowers work well too, as will my (removable yet to be completed)  birdcage will my high-kicks, and drunken dance stylings...see photos below? This is post-MASSIVE-Dublin wind! Waiting on a bart platform in Dublin, is akin to hugging an Altamont Pass windmill. Huzzah for solid wedding hair! P.S. it doesn't hurt, too. (Ponytails give me headaches...insert wimpy "sucks at being a girl" realization here.)

Thanks again Mer-Mer!!!!!


leslaz said...

survived a windy BART station? WIN.

gutsforgarters said...

love! braid! woop!